Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Fancy a Trip to Islay, Angling and Dramming Heaven??

Anyone fancy a trip to Islay?

I'm planning a trip to my favourite Hebridean Isle to enjoy the last of the season's fishing and to pick up a whisky or two. Anyone interested in joining me should email me or give me a call (07875 405 980).

We'll be fishing Lochs Finlaggan, Gorm, Ballygrant and Ardnave and there is a possibility that we'll be heading over to the Isle of Jura to fish the incredibly remote Inver for sea trout and salmon.

We'll be staying in self catering accommodation. The cost for the trip will be around £200 to include transport to and from Islay, and accommodation. The fishing is £15 for the 5 days in Islay and £10 if we head over to Jura.

I'll be leaving Leek at 4am on the 24th September and we'll be back in Leek in time for tea on Wednesday 29th September. I can of course arrange to pick anglers up anywhere en route to the ferry.

I've got 3 spaces available at the moment.....contact me if you're interested. If you've not been to Islay before, I cannot recommend it enough.



  1. caught 3 wee ones in Ballygrant on Friday.....bliss even though it was windy.