Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Islay Fishing Competitions Feis Ile 2010

It was a tough day's fishing on Saturday at the open competition at Loch Gorm on Islay. We fished from 1pm until 5pm in blistering heat and I'm paying for it now. I joined 22 other local lads in the competition. Many blanked because of the poor conditions but I managed to find some fish under cover in a weed bed and managed 4 fish putting me in 5th place. The winner, Kevin Morrison managed 14 fish and the second place was for only 6 fish.

In prep for this coming Saturday's open competition at Loch Finlaggan, I've been visiting the beauty spot to try a few patterns. I've taken loads of fish on the muddler and a few, better fish on the LTD sedge. I've generally been fishing a team of 3 flys, 2 muddlers on droppers and a small LTD on the point. Yesterday this set up managed 8 fish in an hour and a half.

As I type I'm sitting in the van over looking the loch. I've just fished the East bank in blustery conditions and am about to try the West to see if casting is a little easier.

Last night we hosted our first Feis Ile 2010 Rare Cask whisky tasting which went very well. We had over 30 guests from all over the world including Swedish, German, American, Dutch and Belgian enthusiasts. Our Wednesday and Thursday tastings look like they are to be popular events too. Of all the whiskys tasted, it was our new Rare Cask Bowmore 1999 that caused the most interest.

Tight Lines all


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