Monday, 7 September 2009

Dovedale on the Duo with Islay on the Horizon

I fished Dovedale yesterday from 2pm to last light. This was my last chance for a bit of a confidence booster before I head north to fish my other favourite place in the universe...the Isle of Islay in the Scottish Hebrides....for Brown Trout, Sea Trout and for my first time, Salmon. (Watch this space).

I arrived at the car park and was surprised to see that there were much fewer cars than I had been used to seeing on a Sunday...I wandered up to the first pool and was very surprised to see what good condition the Dove was in, considering the downpours we'd had over previous days. I fished a klink all the way up to the Nursery, with no success, and decided to head off up towards the boards and Ilam Rock.

I decided to change to the duo, a balloon caddis on a dropper and a pheasant tail nymph on the point. I met up with a Jim and we wandered up the river, deterring a few poachers armed with telescopic rods, along the way. After crossing the river twice to avoid the climb of Lovers Leap, I decided to fish the second ford, and quickly landed two lovely wild brownies. I made my way up towards the boards and fished just upstream of a favourite spot, wading in to a run that I had not seen before, I cast the nymph downstream into a deep channel and let it drift away. After a few seconds, the caddis dipped away sharply, and I struck...into a good fish. The fish darted from side to side, hugging the river bed, and I really didn't think I'd land it...eventually persuading a nice, and rather large Grayling to the net...chuffed to bits and really looking forward to the winter if this is what sport the nymph produces.

After taking a few more fish I made my way downstream to meet up with Glen, and later on, Guy. Just upstream of the nursery, I managed two 1.5lb stockies and a little further upstream I had a nice wildie on the, now famous, LTD.

The three of us had a good natter and a laugh as always, the only thing missing was the Kelly, the first time this season without it, and we could have done with it after the couple of heavy downpours we had...see Mr Pointon for lame excuse.

Glen was taking fish on the LTD and one of Brian's skillfully tied, olive paraduns. Guy had a couple of really good fish in the Nursery pool including one that must have been knocking on for 2lb.

A great fishing session then, and after taking ten fish, three of which I would consider as being within the "demi-clunker" classification...confidence is on the up for out River Laggan, here I come....and maybe Mr Pointon.


PS you may have noticed that I forgot the camera. Sorry.

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