Friday, 25 September 2009

The Churnet at Eastwall with Fishcake 24/09/09

I've walked the Churnet valley many times. I remember the first time I saw Eastwall farm and the pond and thinking that this would be my dream place to live. Its great that now I'm a LADFFA member, I get too fish there too.

Gary and I were overdue on the fishing session front we had a chat beforehand to decide on where to go, Bentley Brook or Eastwall? We only had a couple of hours to spare so we decided to meet up at Eastwall.

We both set up on the duo...I used a big balloon caddis on the dropper and a wee pheasant tail nymph on the point, about 2 feet below the dropper.

Gary gave me plenty of tips on how to fish it...and I did find it a little tricky at first negotiating casts between the trees to get to the right spots.

Gary had a good Grayling early on and I quickly followed. I also had a nice Brownie from a spot where I was surprised to catch from...these being the sorts of spots Gary encourages you to look out for.

There has been a bit of talk of late on the Fly Forums that Eastwall has not been fishing too well. Gary and Alex had a go at it a few days ago and caught quite a few good fish between them, just like we had today....the fishing looks more than fine to me.

Just as we were about to leave, Gary said that he wanted to try a few casts in a pool where he had dropped a big fish on the previous Sunday. He had a couple of casts and the fish was on. It gave him a right old scrap on his light tackle.

I couldn't believe the size of this was at least twice as big as it seems in the picture...if you know what I mean...It's mouth was just like a Salmon's.

I'll definitely be visiting Eastwall during the winter for the Grayling...especially when the bulls have been sheltered.

Thanks again for all the help Gary.

A great afternoon's angling.