Thursday, 19 April 2012

First Fly Fish Islay Trip of 2012

At last, the moment Glen and I have been waiting for, all the prep has been done, the tackle has been purchased and the car is packed and ready to go. Six new trout rods and six reels, six new sea rods again with six reels, and blimey what fun we had, arguing about which fly patterns to order over a curry, what would be best for the dead calm loch or for when a gale was blowing, we eventually agreed and no less than 432 flies that surely contain some killer patterns!

We leave tonight at 10.30pm, booked on the 7am Calmac ferry bound for the magical Isle of Islay. On Saturday we are to meet up with our six guests, some who have fished before, some who have never, all have never fished an Islay loch in a classic Islay sunset.....

Our trips during April, May and June are now fully booked and sold out. The next trip that we are taking bookings for is the 14th July, please get in touch if you would like to join us. We can arrange bespoke trips for those wishing to book as a group, our fishing / whisky weeks make a perfect combination for a mates trip away and ace for a stag do! We provide rods, reels and carry consumables for you to purchase whilst you are there. Please give me a call if you would like to discuss...07875 405 980.

We hope to post pics throughout the week both on here and on Glen's blog. Lets hope that the angry wee broon troots of Islay are ready to take the fly.



PS it has taken a while for us to get round to making Fly Fish Islay a serious offering and we'd like to thank  those who have joined our trips and encourgaged us to make them a more regular, and dare I say it, more of a professional venture. Cheers to Snapey for the pics, Heathy for the encouragement, GP for the fag smoking, and GP's Uncle Mark of Repeat Repeat for the cracking logo!