Monday, 30 May 2011

What a Week on Islay

It's Bank Holiday Monday Morning, and it has taken me a good couple of days and many power naps to get over the fun packed time we have just experienced on the magical Isle of Islay. Despite the weather, the fishing, the food, and the craic was superb and all of us can't wait to get back to the wonderful Hebridean island.

One of the reasons that the week was so good was the fabulous mix of people that joined us on our trip. Glen Pointon came along as chief guide and comic, you can read all about his exploits on his blog by clicking here. We were also joined by Terry, Mark, Kev, James L., Herman, Katey, James H., Bassey, and not forgetting Jase Snape who looked after us all and made sure we came back to a warm house everyday when we came back from the windswept lochs, he was also responsible for most of the photography that you'll see on my blog as I post his pics over the coming week or so.

I'm hoping to post all the pics and stories over the next few days ago, but don't want to post them all at once as I know Glen is doing his posts a day at a time and I don't want to steal his thunder. All you need know is that we had the time of our lives, caught a lot of fish, drank a lot of whisky and had a right laugh......

'There's only one Glen Pointon,
One Glen Pointon,
He's got a glint in his eye,
A cheeky smile,
Pointon is a f**king **********'

Woody is a comment that Kev Pollard left on Glen's blog...soz Kev and Glen but I had to copy and paste it on here as it sums up perfectly what an ace week we had....

"What a terrific week's fishing on Islay with some special people (some in fact more 'special' than others!).

Despite the freak weather comditions I'll remember: casting a fly on a small river for the first time on a beautiful evening (and losing Glen's net: perfect gent all week and didn't blame me); Gaelic music in the Port Charlotte hotel; J Snape's modern Karma Sutra expertise; Fishing my first fly match against 'the Jocks'; Gale fishing on Finlaggan; Curry house in waders (I mean ........ ' COME ON!, 'you gotta be kiddin me'); 2.30am bed; 10.30am drams; Tarte raclette?? (cheesy spuds), baked trout (done in 7.2 minutes - no longer 'ermann), Death sauce, Undertaker, Caol Ila cask strength to combat first stage hypothermia; snail gorging trout; terns, deer, hares, pheasants, angry dragons, victorian child marked with the sign of the beast and even zombies.

To tie your first fly then catch a fish on it is a real pleasure. Roll on next year and pen me in 100% because if you're like me and love fishing, scotland, whisky, wildlife and good company then you can't beat this. Special thanks to Woody and GP who organised the wonderful Finlaggan House and supplied whisky, beer, wine and expert fly fishing advice. See you next year maltmakers!

'There's only one Ralfy Ralfy.....'

up the clarets (Stoke and Vale YC's)