Monday, 7 February 2011

Hurry Up Summer

Christ I'm bored of winter. It's 3.45pm, it's going dark, windy and cold. It rained all weekend and the rivers are in flood. 

In a few weeks time we'll be walking about in shorts and very much taking for granted the sunshine, the warm and long summer evenings, the babbling brook and the splashy rise of a wee broon troot or two. Next season I'll be fishing more rivers than ever before, the Derbyshire Wye, the Dove, the Churnet, the Severn and possibly even the Laggan but there is one stretch of river that beats all the rest for me and it's on my doorstep....the Churnet upstream of Leek.

Last season I really enjoyed walking down to the river and spending an hour or two stalking fish in the stunning surroundings of the upper reaches of the Churnet valley, where once an abbey stood and where the Roaches can be seen dark and gloomy on the distant horizon.

I'm hoping that the trout come back stronger than ever and that the winter was not to cruel to them. The river is pushing through strong today, and once it settles back down again, I hope to see more evidence of fishy activity.

Roll on summer......


  1. Hi Ian, isn't LADFFA...thank it's a stretch owned by a farmer I know who has given me permission to fish it...


  2. Those pics have made my cabin fever worse, how long now before we reach port?
    Thanks for posting though I'm looking forward to some long evenings after various fishys.

  3. Thanks for the cheering up Woody!
    That brought a smile to my face as I remembered the time we fished that stretch together and I christened my new rod with that beautiful little brownie....roll on the summer!!!!

  4. Nice one Matt...had a walk down there this morning and levels are dropping now....some of them wee troot will be getting bigger now...also...found a dead fish of about 2lb a few days ago...I think it may have been a sea trout!

  5. Looks lovely. My mate has access to a stretch near Cheddleton. We may give it a try