Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The Lesser Spotted Pointon

Had a walk up through Dovedale on Sunday to have a look what conditions were like...not too good as it turned out. The river was running pretty clear but well up and it was the wind that was causing the havoc on the LADFFA section of the lovely Dove.

As I walked back to the car park I noticed that an angler had sensibly sought a sheltered swim and was having some success with it too. As I neared the angler I was surprised to see that it was Stoke on Trent's very own 'vital spark'..none other than Glen Pointon..a rare sight indeed since summer last year. His identity was confirmed to me as I got a little closer and he glared at me in a broad potteries accent....."WWWwwoooddddyyyyy you ***t!".

Anyway, great to see Lord Rocher back in his natural environment...skiving as usual and pulling fish out left right and centre like he'd never been away from the river. Jammy git.



  1. Warms the cockles seeing him up to his b*llox in water again.

  2. Pulling them out left right and centre!!! I was using maggots n casters!! New method!!

  3. He is certainly looking in fine fettle, well spotted Woodster. Is it me or is he wearing his forehead a lot higher these days?