Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Mystery River Quiz

Had a trip out to a spot where I spent many of my boyhood days this morning and I thought I'd post a couple of pics to see if any local anglers might know the spot.

I'm not going to say too much about the locality so as not to give it all away but I do intend to write a post about it sometime in the near future.

Usually, this river carries much more water. Our region is desperate for a prolonged downpour to give all of the rivers a good flush out and to improve the fishing. The Dove in particular has suffered this summer.

Anyway, here is the deal. The first angler to contact me with the correct answers to the 2 questions below will win a wee prize from The Queen of the Moorlands range. (a 200ml bottle of whisky, or, if you're under 18, a bar of Queen of the Moorlands Whisky Soap!!!). Prize to be collected from The Wine Shop in Leek.

To enter, please leave your answers on a comment on this post.

a. What is the name of the river
b. Where were the photographs taken

Addition to post 17th July.....

It may as well be the Amazon rising in the hills above Fegg Hayes given the response I've had to this post :)