Friday, 5 March 2010

Conditions and Tree Work at Milldale

Had a couple of hours at Milldale this morning and it was great to be fishing in the sun for a change. At the top end of the LADFFA stretch there were no fish to be seen. The river was absolutely gin clear and I knew it was going to be another tough day's fishing at the back end of the Grayling season.

It was interesting to see the lads at work on the tree management. The work has opened up one or two new swims where previously a cast would have been extremely tricky. I was quite amazed at the amount of work that had been completed at the Milldale end of our stretch compared to what I saw a couple of days ago at Dovedale.

Conditions were incredibly difficult, in my experience, you need a little more colour in order to catch a few fish.

I did manage a couple of small fish but they were very hard to find. The only place that I saw fish was around Ilam rock and these were all trout that were frantically feeding. I paused for a bite to eat on the footbridge and tucked into a pork pie, I was amazed when a large trout smashed at a flake of pastry that I had accidentally dropped.

It was a joy to be fishing with my 6 foot glass rod and I think it will by my choice of rod for Dovedale and Milldale in the season to come.


  1. 'I was amazed when a large trout smashed at a flake of pastry that I had accidentally dropped'

    Woody u ****!!
    you thought you were on the Wye feeding pie to to trout!!!
    I know what your doing, ur feeding them up for the season!!!

    Did well to catch a fish in them conditions man

  2. Youth, it was rock hard. I gave up at 1pm...the Grayling have vanished and to the ones that haven't, I must have stood out on the bank like a bloody elephant!!


  3. Well done Woody, river's looking cracking can't wait for those warmer days, kelly kettle on the boil and plenty of fish....

  4. Hiya Matt,

    The river was looking lovely yesterday but i'm afraid it wasn't helping the fishing. We had some rain in the night though so I bet it's been good today!