Friday, 25 December 2009

Dovedale Christmas Day 2009

Merry Christmas All,

After tucking in to a massive breakfast this morning, we decided to have a run out and a wee walk up Pointon's Glen at Dovedale. After a misty start the weather turned out to be fantastic.

We saw lots of people out and about sledging and walking and I was surprised to see just how many cars there were when we arrived at Dovedale car park.

From the footbridge, the Dove looked perfect, running low with the slightest hint of colour. The paths are very icy but if you've got studded soles on your wading boots you'll be fine. Walkers were finding the paths quite hard to negotiate the paths and I even saw a runner give up and turn back towards the car park.

I couldn't resist a few casts with my new 6ft 3wt Hardy glass rod...or "The Brook" as they have christened it. I've not got myself any 3wt line yet so I loaded it up with 4wt and it was casting like a dream. I can't wait for the trout season when I shall arm myself with this nifty little rod, I can imagine it being perfect for narrower stretches like those found in between Ilam Rock and Doveholes.

No fish to report I'm afraid, after all I was only there for 20 mins, but it was great to be there with the snow around and in the cold fresh air.

Its off to Islay for us in a couple of days and have set myself up with some sea fishing gear so that I can have a go at landing a few Pollock from the rocks at Bunnahabhain distillery.




  1. Nice looking rod Woody, would not take me long to snap that when i am tree yanking....looks sweet there bro, but Elly is calling!!
    Nice one

  2. Dave, only you could have cast a line on Christams Day, well done. I've been dutiful all day setting up iPods for the kids, etc. Mind you may have to have a quick snorter now my parents have gone.
    Great looking rod, but I wouldn't risk it with a nine weight off the rocks for those pollack.
    Merry Christmas,

  3. Dave,

    No, I've got a special telescope rod for the's just like a washing line prop..No action or give whatsoever.

    Merry Christmas!!