Sunday, 22 November 2009

Glen Pointon's Living The Dreamworks: Episode 1: Stillwater Techniques

Sir Stanley Matthews, Slash, Josiah Wedgwood, Robin Williams, Captain Edward Smith (from the film "Titanic"), Lemmy, Anthea Turner, Nick Hancock, that bloke from "Men Behaving Incorrectly", Frank Bough, Robbie Earle, Owd Grandad Piggott, Oatcakes, Garth Crooks, Sagger Maker's Bottom Knockers. Names synonymous with the quaint village of Stoke upon Trent. But now, there's a new star on the rise and folk up and down the quiet streets of The Potteries are talking about nowt else.

"Ooo the blooodyell's Glen Pointon???"

After his meteoric rise to fame, appearing with Oliver Edwards on Sky Sports' "Tight Lines" coverage of the BFFI Fly fair at Trentham Gardens this month, I was proud and honoured to have been asked to be the cameraman for his very first tutorial video, "Glen Pointon's Living The Dreamworks: Episode 1: Stillwater Techniques".

Pointon introduces a new, refreshing, if not sometimes a little challenging, style of presentation to the world of Angling, and whilst passionate about the subject, he refuses to conform to the usual etiquette associated with this piscatorial pastime.

He's been described as being like a cross between TV's John Wilson and Roger Mellie (Viz's Man on The Telly), and is quickly becoming a famous, household name for his breathtaking command of the Queen's English, and softly spoken, polite manner.

"Pointon's taken a subject matter that is full of tradition and complexity, and made it appear unbelievably simple" a bloke, aged 46, from Fegg Hayes said yesterday. "Cos kick a bow agen a wow an yed it till yer boss it?", he added.

We decided that Glen's first episode should be recorded at Marton Heath Trout Pools near to Congleton. Please click on the videos below to see one or two clips. They will change your fishing for ever.

Please make sure you haven't got a hot drink in your hand when you watch these clips and be advised that we have found it necessary to award the first clip with an 18 certificate. Anyone who has had the pleasure of meeting Glen will know that expletives are a common occurrence in his speech, and it was inevitable that one of these would be caught on film. We originally had 4 hours of footage, but after we'd removed all the cursing and swearing, these 3 short clips were all that remained.


Glen Pointon's Living The Dreamworks: Episode 1: Stillwater Techniques

Part 1: Stillwater Techniques Part 1: Landing a Rainbow

Glen Pointon's Living The Dreamworks: Episode 1: Stillwater Techniques

Part 2: Large Dark Olive Techniques

Glen Pointon's Living The Dreamworks: Episode 1: Stillwater Techniques

Part 3: Presentation Techniques

Join Glen next time as he struggles with stalking incredibly rare Sturgeon in the Trent & Mersey Canal in the very heart of industrial Stoke on Trent.

A great day's fishing with some Rainbows for the pot to boot. Cheers Glen.

Live The Dream Brother!


  1. Heh Heh! That's one of the funniest things I've seen in ages. Fair play to you both.

    Look forward to the next installment....


  2. Well these stockie resys drive you mad so we had to do something to lift the spirit, right good laugh though Matt, think we have few good ones lined up on the rivers!!
    Are you sure you want me to fish the Eden!!!


  3. Yes, you'll have to sharpen your manners up if you're to visit the Eden. I'll have my man give you some etiqutte lessons.

  4. lol! love it!

  5. Cheers John,

    Still makes me cry when I watch that first one...

    "Oh f*ckin ell, it's come off!"

    Classic Pointonesqué poetry.


  6. That is just Brilliant Guys......Very very very Funny, Glen the first video is a classic.