Wednesday, 7 October 2009

What a Way to End the 2009 Trout Season. Dovedale with Matt and a Couple of 'Proper Lunkers' For the Road.

I hate computers and the digital age.

In the last two days, I've been lucky enough to have had some of the best of the season's fishing. I've fished the Dove on three different club waters, Derby Railway Angling Club, Leek and Moorlands Angling Association and Leek and District Fly Fishing Association.Yesterday with Mr Gary Fishcake, at Eaton Dovedale, and today with LADFFA member Matt, at Dovedale.

A blog is as much about images as it is about text, it's a record, a diary of one's interests. Without a few pics here and there, its boring. When I looked for a camera to record some of the events and fish of the season, I had my blog in mind, I wanted to get pics from A to B, in an effortless manor. So I selected a camera which had a package of software called "Easyshare".

And so, this evening, I sat at my PC looking forward to "Easyshare" with it 70 odd pics from the last 48 hours. I looked forward to it greatly. The software began transferring my photos to my PC, deleting them from my camera as it went merrily along, and when it had done so, the software crashed, I had to restart my computer...and yes, the pics were no more.

Thanks Kodak, what a camera.

Anyway, Yesterday, I enjoyed fishing the Dove at Eaton Dovedale with Gary. I was keen to get Gary to fish one of my favourite swims that I knew he would be able to pull some ace fish out of. This is a favourite spot of mine, where, right back at the beginning of the season, I hooked and landed a 2lb wild Brownie, I remember how pleased I was at the time as I was completely fresh to river trout fishing. Within minutes, he was into one, but sadly didn't manage to land it. He landed many others though including a good few Grayling and a very healthy looking wee Chub.

This morning, I met Matt at Eastwall. I knew that there had been a fair bit of rain during the night and wondered whether the Churnet may be a little too challenging for us who didn't really know it that well, and I was right, It was up a good foot and running the colour of hot chocolate. A quick decision was made and we motored off to Dovedale. Yippee!!

It was a beautiful morning. We tackled up and headed up Pointon's Glen, casting all the way and picking off one or two Brownies. I spent a short while at a large pool, casting my duo rig just a few feet out. Suddenly there was a swirl, I honestly didn't expect it, and the balloon caddis was nowhere to be seen. I struck, there were a couple of thuds, and it was clear that I was in to a good fish, the best fish, infact, that I'd ever hooked into at this venue. I shouted to Matt to come over and give me a hand...especially with the (insert expletive) camera. I desperately didn't want to loose this fish. I didn't. It was a beautiful 2lb wild Brownie. Honest.

Please imagine a very professional shot, taken by Matt, of a perfect, and if I may say so, a very good example of a 'Proper Lunker'.

We carried on up and beyond the Nursery Pool. Matt taking a couple more fish towards the next weir, and I, a good fish in the pools among the trees. The time was flying by though, as it tends too when you are having fun, and catching fish, and we reckoned we'd better make our way back down Pointon's Glen, casting all the way of course.

And so, I found myself back at the pool which had been so good to me earlier and I had a few more casts in the fast running water. Suddenly there was a massive take and I found myself, once again calling for Matt to come over and give me a hand.

"If it's not 2lb its a little over" was Matt's judgement of the size of the beauty, and I was over the moon. What a way to end the trout season. My two best fish since joining LADFFA in May. What place, what a river, what fish, what a great club and what a season.

Just a shame about Kodak. Who next season will not be invited.


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