Thursday, 23 July 2009

Glen's LTD pattern does the biz at Dovedale

A week without fishing...the rivers have been well up and coloured, but in the last couple of days, the fishermen of Staffordshire and Derbyshire have started to talk of nothing else other than fishable conditions, particularly on the Dove.

My previous couple of sessions have left me a little lacking in confidence, i've been getting loads of rises to my fly but not connecting to fish, but seeing the conditions of the Dove when Glen and I arrived last night at 7pm, and the fact that I was using a really good Snowbee line for the first time, I was feeling much better about my chances of catching.

I tackled up at the first pool by the footbridge and soon realised that I had left something in the car and went to fetch the time I got back Glen was into his second fish...

We fished up the fast sections, I hooked a monster of a fish, kept it on for a few seconds and dropped it....I was absolutley gutted and started to think that my recent form was going to continue. Glen was catching fish using his 'LTD' pattern.

It was time for a brew so headed upto the Nursery Pool where the Kelly Kettle was lit, sandwhiches and pies were out. I had a few casts at rising fish under the trees but with no joy...was really happy with the new Snowbee floating 4wt line, casting quite precisely.

Glen realised that I was getting a bit bloody frustrated with my fishing form and gave me some helpful tips and encouragement.

"I reckon I'm going to blank tonight" I shouted over to Glen, "No you wunner youth, kayp at it youth", came the reply.

Light started to fade quite quickly and we had time for the last few casts, fishing at the top end of the trees at the Nursery Pool. I changed flies and cast...I cast again...wollop, a really good bend in the rod and I had a right scrap on my hands...I was desperate to land would have been no good for my confidence in future sessions if I didnt...but I did and it was a nice wild brownie of about 1.5 lbs.

We started to head back down stream, Glen set on hooking the monster fish that he's been stalking for the season so far...still using his trusty "LTD" pattern, he hooked and landed a good fish, but not the monster....another couple of casts and a good take, a really big fish that he played for a few seconds but it got the better of his line.

Will glen land his monster fish at Dovedale this this space!

Cheers for the help Glen.


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